Why You Don't Need To Heal Your Emotions

The secret to 'feeling good' comes from developing a healthy relationship with all your emotions.

Rather than calling it ‘emotional healing’ - perhaps a better term would be:

‘healing your RELATIONSHIP with your emotions’.

Because your emotions really don’t need healing. They’re working just fine... exactly as they were intended to.

It’s really our relationship with emotions that needs the attention.

How do you view your emotions?

Do you love every last one of them? The way you love your own children? Do you get excited just thinking about what emotions you’re going to feel today?

“Gee, I can’t wait to see what emotions come up for me today!”

Do you honor all of them? Do you want to get to know them better?

Or, do you hate every last one of them?

Do you get depressed just thinking about it? Do you despise 'em all? Do you try to shut them out?

Most people lie somewhere between these two extremes. What about you?

Emotions aren’t 'good' or 'bad' any more than water is good or bad.

Emotions, like water, are essential for living your life. You would be a vegetable without them. You NEED a healthy relationship with them.

It’s way more than just a good idea.

You’ll never get rid of your emotions. May as well learn to live with them in a healthy way.

Besides, anything that seems to create so much pain can create at LEAST that much pleasure.

No matter how miserable you believe your emotions may make you feel, they also have the potential to bring you at least that degree of ecstasy. If not more.


There doesn't have to be any emotional pain in your life.


Emotions don’t cause pain. They NEVER cause pain. Your emotions are not the problem.

The so-called 'emotional pain' you may be feeling - and I myself felt for decades - is not caused by emotions.

Rather, it's caused by a poor and unhealthy relationship with your emotions.

Your relationship is based upon a lifetime of assumptions you’ve built up over the years.... starting when you were very young.

A healthy relationship involves seeking out and embracing ALL your feelings all the time. You ‘go through’ them and emerge on the other side. And you become ‘more’ for having done so.

An unhealthy relationship involves pushing them away by a number of different means. Then they end up forming a ‘cloud’ around you. You end up choking in your own emotional excrement...

Always angry, or always scared or always feeling self pity or any number of feelings that never seem to go away.

In an unhealthy relationship with your feelings, you’re going to get pretty sick and tired of them. You're going to hurt. Not because emotions are the source of hurt, but because the way you’re treating them has consequences.

In an unhealthy relationship, you’re not in touch with your real emotion. Instead, you’re choking in ‘fabricated feelings‘.

Real emotion doesn’t hurt. You feel it and let it go.

Fabricated emotion hurts like hell. And you never seem to let it go.

That’s the difference.

Problem is, you likely can't even get to your real emotion. There's a barrier; a wall; a blockage that stands in the way. Unseen. Unrecognized. Unknown.

This wall is a hidden pain factory.

It's the source of the emotional pain you feel. It's made up of all the assumptions you hold about your emotions. All the judgments. All the beliefs and attitudes given to you by others.

Your mother's in that wall. Probably your father too. Can you feel it?

A few years ago I developed a way to find that wall. I remember I started crying the first time I 'saw' it. Right at that moment I instinctively knew where my emotional pain was coming from.

Since then I've worked with that wall extensively. I've studied it in myself and others. I've mastered it. I've learned how to work with it and I know how to get rid of it.

Basically, it's a wall of lies with no redeeming features.

But you can't just knock it down. And you don't want to just walk through it. It's got your power. You need to get your power back. Then you can end it.

Once you get rid of that wall...

  • You'll be destroying the pain factory that keeps pumping out the emotional pain you feel.

  • You'll feel an aliveness like never before. For me it was like opening a window to a cool mountain breeze.

  • You'll start to live again. A whole new world opens up. You'll accomplish so much more.

  • It adds a depth and richness to your life as you start to feel how wonderful it is to experience ALL your emotions - the way they were meant to be felt.

  • It's like being set free after a lifetime of prison. It sets your heart free. It helps you throw off the shackles of the past.

  • It makes you want to engage life. It brings a spring to your step; a twinkle to your eye; a joy to your life.

  • You won't have to be afraid of your emotions. You won't have to fear your anger, your anxiety, even your depression or your loneliness. Now you can use any emotion to make you more powerful.


What To Do Now

I've made an audio recording that removes all the guesswork out of healing your emotional pain.

First I'll guide you into an altered state of consciousness. (Don't worry - you're already doing it all the time. Like when you go to sleep at night. Or when you get absorbed in a good book.)

Then I'll lead you to the wall that surrounds your heart. It's an amazing experience.

You'll actually visualize your pain factory!

Then you'll move closer to the wall; until you reach out and touch it. Next, you'll remove a piece of that wall; holding it in your hands.

And the meditation goes on from there. Finally, you'll take specific steps to close down your pain factory.

You'll be following a proven plan to end your emotional pain once and for all.

I saved the audio recording as an mp3 file and made it available to listen to on the internet. Just like the mp3 file on the previous page. If you were able to listen to that one, then you should be able to listen to this one just fine. They both use the same format.

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Since I first started using this technique, I've been much more cool, calm and collected. I get more done. I feel better. I have a whole lot less stress. I actually think it makes me smarter. But I'll let you be the judge.

I look forward to hearing from you.

all the best,


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